This Friday: Mexico!

Patricio Zorrilla

Current Mission: have fun in europe :D

Right now I am a volunteer for the European Voluntary Service and Youth For Understanding in a project called \\The World’s Coloured Glasses// in Bulgary, I’m going to stay here for a year untill January 2013 then I’ll have to go back to Mexico to continue studying Industrial Engineering at Universidad de Monterrey, I was an exchange student in 2007-08 in Germany. I’m a pretty humorous person and like to make jokes all the time. I also like to go dancing and drinking ;) . I love visiting every city I can and look at funny things there.


Cities sightseeing, engineering, reading, painting, photography, dancing, making friends all over the world, concerts, music, backpackig, exchange experiences, etc.


My philosophy is what you give is what you get so I allways try to make things the best I can and also being pretty friendly with everyone so when I need it I get also the same treatment :)


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