The funniest day EVER!

The last time we was on a trip at Sofia.

We was at the National Museum Of Natural History (Национален Природонаучен Музей). Miss Maggie split us to 2 teams – The team of Naiden, and The team of Krasi. She give to us two lists of different animals and we’ve got a hour to find them at the museum and to take a photo of them. It was very funny, because we have to run all over the museum and ask the staff about the animals, which we didn’t know. The winners in this competition were from The team of Krasi! Congrats to them, by the way! They win us with only one animal..

Later we go to the Borisova garden. There we’d have a trip with boats! Miss Maggie’s friend Strahil was with us, too. We borrow two boats – in the first one were Strahil, Vanessa, Veronika and Galia… In the second one we were with Miss Maggie – she, Nakata, Krasi, and me- Vicky. In our boat was very, very funny!!! No one of us could drive a boat so we couldn’t move and ever there was a crowd of people who has laughing on us 😀 And until in the other boat Strahil was having no probems, here in our boat was absolutely mess! Even Krasi ask a little girl for Help,  but she keep answering only no 😀 I think he’d scared her. Aslo we marked all the walls at the lake 😀 We hit all the sides of the lake 😀 They were reserved for us 😀 That was Krasi’s idea, but it’s true actually!

We absolutely could say that we’ll never forget that day!

Posted by Vicky


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