Last time :(

Today was our last time together. Our classes are over. That’s really sad because all will miss me so much. Next month will have a camp on the beach but I’m not sure I will go.
From all the classes I learned so many things that I could use in future. Miss Maggie will go to Thailand and me and Vicky want pictures ;D Of course we will keep in touch. May be next year me and Vicky will go to and see Miss Maggie.
At this last class she gave to us certificate with a book which we choose. I choose “The Jungle Book” from Rudyard Kipling, but the book is in English of course. And we get points for attendance, speaking English and etc. and I win this little competition. ^^  Next week Miss Maggie will give me my prize. I’m so curious. 
I hope Miss Maggie have fun in Thailand and when she come back she will tell us how it was.



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