As Simple As ”Thank You” ! :)

Hey everyone! Or at least.. The ones who will see it, hah.. .

I was just surfing at Internet when I remembered for some reason for this. For our blog. For all of our memories.. Good or bad..
You know.. I will never forget what Miss Maggie did for us. She inspired us, show us that no matter who you are, you will always be able to mean something. To mean something for someone, ’cause we all change the World, every day.. In many ways.. 
And Miss Maggie open us for the World, for the new, the people, the happy things in life.
She JUST INSPIRED us! And I want to say a simple ”Thank you” … Simple, but filled with so much feeling.. Mostly respect, for what she’s doing. Because she’s an amazing person, always ready to have fun, to help you, to make you believe.
Probably loads of people have said that to her, too.. But we are just a bunch of kids now.. And she just came here, at our small town, show us the huge world and…

– Make us believe that no matter how small are you…

Your dreams must never be smaller! Dream big. –

Thank you, Miss Lovely Maggie for all the things you did for us!
VICTORIA / 04.11.2012 / 20:00h



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