Club for Young Travelers is an extracurricular activity, funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of education in order to integrate non formal learning into the school program and make the school environment more exciting for the kids and teenagers.

The teacher of the group is Magi Nazer- an activist, having huge experience in organizing youth exchanges and other volunteering and educational projects all around Europe.

Our students live in a very small village outside the capital which provides them with less opportunities compared to the educational and cultural perspectives available in the big cities. However, they are clever, energetic and curious.

Our classes include interactive lessons exploring the stereotypes, conflicts, cultures, languages and people of the World.

We will have travelers from all around the world coming to our classroom and making presentations.

A seminar of how to learn easily other languages leaded by a Bulgarian who knows 35 languages!

Trips, watching movies, creating books about traveling are just a little part of what is to happen.

We will exchange letters with groups of children from around the World so that we can learn about other cultures and the way people live in the different countries.


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